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Tax News May 2016 | California Franchise Tax Board
May 2016

Wage and Withholding Denied

A technical issue resulted in a discrepancy in wage and withholding information.
We identified a technical issue that resulted in a discrepancy in the wage and withholding information we use to verify the amount of withholding credits taxpayers claimed on their 2015 returns.

We have identified approximately 3,000 taxpayers where we denied claimed withholding credits and reduced a taxpayer's refund. If the taxpayer requested a direct deposit of their refund, the taxpayer's account was adjusted and we instead issued a paper check with the following explanation:

We revised the withholding amount to the amount we could verify with information
received from the Employment Development Department (EDD) or your attached
Forms W-2 and 1099-R withholding documents.

We will be sending a letter to each taxpayer who was effected and we will make the appropriate adjustments to fix their accounts - this may result in an additional refund. All accounts should be fixed by early May.

We are working to ensure that this issue does not occur in the future.

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